Thursday, November 4, 2010

I don't need much. But i need something.

I don't need a mini bastard. People, u don't just get involve in someone's life and just ruin it. What are you made of? Rock? I regret knowing yr name you asshole.

This is Lisa. Signing of. 
                                            X.O.X.O. (!)

Friday, October 22, 2010

GOOD EVENING *tumbs down*

I just wanna say one word now. FUCK. To life, to my room, to my cloths, but not to me. To everything surrounded by me. Thank you.
Maybe he's just right. I really need a vacation. And when i get home Imma be the greatest of the greatest.


Thursday, October 21, 2010


Ola everyone ! So Hii name's Khalisa Hamid. And the reason I'm doing this ridiculous thing is because I just feel mad right now and i decided to share up with the world. How pathetic is that?  TOO. So anyway, first of all I like to introduce to everyone to my *bam bam bam* frnd, SYED EDRUS. Because he asked me to and i don't why I'm doing it but whutt the hell right, who cares. Oh yeah yeah, and he loves UH. ANW, for no reason, i just feel so mad and tensed right now. Well actually there is a reason. Personally, i won't tell. HAHA. BUT I JUST WANT THE WORLD TO KNOW THAT I HATE THE WORLD. Because it seemed like every thing's just out of control. And every one's acting like a total jack ass and i hate it. I hate everything. Every thing's changed.  I've changed. You've changed. So life's just a crap. We'll gonna die anyways so why wait. Let's just all die together. Until then. Xoxo, Lisa. Oh yeah and WELCOME.