Saturday, October 29, 2011

Yes to best friends, no to boyfrnds.

I am currently loving ze life. Enjoying every second of it, breathing the fresh oxygen, well not so fresh but what the hack. I love hanging out with my friends, there is always laughter. All the crazy moments we build together, ho boyy, surely something I'd miss when i flash back in the future. Just can't freaking wait for the holidays and enjoy even more and meet all of my old friends. I miss 'em so so much. Will be also moving to my new house, yippie! No more this 'insecure' feeling, I'll be like 'fuck off' je lah now. Because like, hello, what to worry about? Am thinking better now, glad of it. I dunnu, life is just great for now. If only it would last forever. What a wish. Mmm-hmm

Sunday, October 23, 2011

When it all falls down.

You know what, don't even fucking bother to be friends with me when you acted so immature and childish. I don't approve children in my friend list, too young to know about what the grown ups do. I am guessing you just realize how motherfucking stupid you have been. I don't fucking care if you hate me, i don't fucking care if you want to talk bad things about me to your frnds and MY frnds. Because deep down inside you are just so fragile and I'm not fucking scared of u ! You are a pussy, do you know that? If you really ready to be frnds, say it right to my fucking gorgeous face. WHICH I KNOW YOU WON'T. I am so sorry for not acting professional right now, but I'm in a fucking PMS for god's sake! So what the hack! You suck balls. Chow!!


Fuck I feel so good and I just want to shout my asses off! Sing along bitches ! x