Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ohh ohh ohh

You always run. Such a good runner! First you act like you care. Maybe you do. After that, you'll disspear. Then I'll here news about you again. I want to settle things, but you still am running -.- I won't repeat this again.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Chemistry day.

So went to this chemistry day at science negara. It was quite fun tho. Me, Diyana, Luqman, Fitri and Hazim surely had a wonderful time together. Especially with Luqman. We missed him so much since he's gone to boarding school. He did talk ah lot about his boarding school that we had to make fun of him. Haha. Went to the dinasour thingy. Was pretty funny because we dared the dinosaur to fight us when it's not even alive. Dumb. Haha. Ahh, so much laughter. One of those days that im sure I'll miss as I grow up. Anyways, tomorrow I got this hi tea at kepong and I'm sick. I sound terrible. Nicelah kan. Haha. Well. Gtg now. Goodnight xx

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dawai asmaraaa..

There's like this indonesian guy in my house right now, repairing whatever stuff. And he is singing something like "ohhh...dawai asmaraaaaa.." WTF? Hahahahahaahahaha. K now he is still singing. Lawak saja. Anyways, there's this one day which was very funny because Diyana ate muqri's sausage! Jahahahaahaah!! Sound so wrong Kan! Hahahahah! And just now got this pantun competition at my school. Others school were there also. I was quite impress to see their performance tho. Very energetic! But my school got 2nd place. Urgh. So close man. But it's fine. As a new school,we'll take that. Ahah. Oh and I'm soo in love with this one book that I'm currently reading right now. I'm quite surprised because I'm actually and finally am reading a book. Like for once in my life, I have the spirit to READ. Bangga 'seh' . Hihihi. Ah Daymn I'm hungry :( gtg now. Traaa xx

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Don't you want to be better? I do.

What a lovely day, it is ! Oh my gosh, I freaking miss my friends. Haha. So I've moved to my new house. I lavv my new temporary house and room. I also love the surroundings. Verray calming :) I think this is a perfect starting of my life back. I mean like come on, we live once. So why waste it to someone who's not worth it. I wish when I grew up I have toans of money so that I can travel! Wutt a dream. Well, everyone have their own dreams ;) hah! So back to my new house. Love the neighbors too! And I can't wait to play at the basketball courte because it's been ah while since I last been active. Daymn, no wonder my ass is gettin huger. Hahahahaaha! So anyways. I still am cleaning up room. Membapak penat. Thought of inviting my friends to come over, but idk. Haha. I always thought that I'm the weird one. But as I explore people I realize that I'm not the only one. And I'm happy for that. Like thank god ! Phew. Hahah. I also won't pretend that I'm happy if I'm not. But. I actually am. So much things I jut realize. Life isn't that bad (:

I feel..

I feel like watching a comedy while eating ice cream. Yum. Ahahh k I'm crapping. But seriously I want ice cream. I heard the banana split is awesome. Hahaha. Omg omg I can't sleep ! Need to sleep! I want sleeping pills. But Nazi la told me that sleeping pills are not good. Hancur harapan aku nak tidur-.- LOL! Okay too much of my craps now. Ahahahahhahahahahh. I feel so haiiii. Ahahahah. Challo :) eh don't want la ! I wanna write write and write. I mean type type and type. Just playin.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Let's pray

Dear God. I've been hit so well this year. Ive lost 2 of my family members forever. I've been hurted by so many people even the people I thought they wont. But they still did. Ive been so good but Things get worse. This year hits me so well. Please, be with me because I really can't take this anymore. Too much shits. I don't think I've even have enough tears a to cry anymore. I also don't want to be sick :(

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Good morning world :)

Hello, wutt a good day. I won't cry because of yesterday, I won't think about it. I won't i won't I wont.