Monday, January 31, 2011

Hola Amigo !

Whazzi goin on in hereee?! K, I feel so energetic. K, so lazy to blog. K bye.

Fuck your cheap words (!)

Even though you are a guy, I still think you're cheap and pathetic. You should join " The Biggest Fat Liar " , bet you'll be the first ;) I can't believe I even trusted you this whole time. Thought you were my best friend, not anymore. All you do is complain about me, how i change. You know what, there's a thing where we call it GROWING UP, you idiot! I'm growing up. You expect me to be the 12 years old awesome non emotional girl you've met. Good news, I am still the same old girl. Bad new, but not 100%-ly. So fuck it man. You treated me wrong. So wrong. I think I have to blame you on this one. You were the one who started to act such a weirdo with me. If you know what I mean. Wtf is that man? Friggin' gay! I just saw with my own eye balls that you are just as same as the person you told me that you'll never be. Hurts a whole lot. Thank you for that. " I can take care of myself " PFFT, SOOOO FUNNY ! =) I am starting up life back. And I wish you the worse. Audios motherfucker !

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Same old Lisa Hamid.

I'm forever and always the same.
Nothing works for me now.
Weirdly, i kinda happy for that? 

Okay whatever. I just hate committing. What for? Still young and fresh. Yes, I just broke up like few hours ago. Really didn't mean to hurt him. But I'm just comfortable being just by myself. I love to handle things by myself. Plus, I've been single since forever, and i got to admit it, I'm so used to it and kinda love it. 

One day, I'm going to find the right one. I know you are somewhere out there, lost. And making mistakes. And nothing works for you. Some times, you just feel so alone. You've been searching for somebody for so too long, just like me. It's just I've stop searching. But boy, don't stop, who ever you are. 

Crap. I got so much to catch up on. Too much. Too lazy to even do any of 'em. 

You know, there's this human being who's still alive and lives in earth that I hate. This human being, loves to hurt and saying shits to me. I've been so patient. And dude, don't go so far. I swear, I'm your worse fucking nightmare. Be alert, bitch. You don't mess with me. F/U

Tralala, so my parents' aren't  home fo the whole night, weehuuuuu. Planning to go out tonight, but some how i feel kind of lazy to go out. My body, omgggggg so freaking cramp ! I hate cross country for this year, only? Haha. Hihi. Huhu. Wtv lisa.

Shot shot shot !

I just realize about how ugly and boring my page is.

Sorry for the ugliness of my page. Cud'nt resist. Wtf? What am i crapping? SO anyway, i have 9-10 homework's, yes I did count. Pfft. Cool-ness. I just vacuumed my room, walao weh. Okay, too much of my crapping now.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


*sigh* I still can't find the answers. What are you trying to prove? Why are you even doing this? It's 100% with no doubt, ridiculous ! Stop it, wudja ? Enough just isn't enough, huh ? You lied. I feel so dramatically betrayed ! I've tried so hard to trust you, but some how, God always showed me the truth. Truth about you. You're just another liar. Just another.. Haih. What the shit just happened to us anyway? What Bruno Mars sang was true, "easy come, easy go. " I have nothing to prove while you want to prove everything to me. For what? We're not enemies ! I am not your competition. There is no camera snapping us. So just relax, wudja? I thought we were close, but I guess I'm just not the one, huh. You hide so much things from me which I've already known by myself. Like pleaseee.. I know everything. Okay, fine. Maybe not everything. But at least 90%. I know you so well and what you are trying to prove are pathetic. So please, do some grow ups. Learn!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Thing's are getting pretty well now, I'm catching up in everything, thnk God for that. Pheww. So here's the sad part. A friend of mine, Fahimah is moving from me school, that suck so hard. She were always the one whom brighten up things. She's a very  talk active girl and obsessed of making stupid jokes, but still..that made everyone laughed. Even though some times it may be anoyying ( hehe sorry babe, still <3 you :p ) but yeahhhh. A day without her dumb jokes are a nightmare to us, because then there must be something wrong wit her? Haha (!) Hmm so anyway, gonna miss you babe. Your big foot ! Your jokes, your toilet...everything. Hope you'll be fine in your new school. Bye mate :(

A part of my feeling of life. 

Do you have a best friend of the opposite sex ? If you do, i bet either one of you like one of you, don't deny it. Hmm, that's kind of the issue that i've ignore and still am. He once confessed to me that he... me. Then, i got so pissed. I don't want to have anythning with him, i just want to stick with, you know, friends. As in just best friends. So then, i ignored him for months. I was just..I dunnu la (!) Trying so hard to ignore his feelings. But we're fine now. One day, he got a girl friend. And I kinda hate it because I, honestly, dislike that girl because of some reasons. Anyways, as days passed by, they went to a next level which I kind of shocked. Because, you see, my best friend is a kind hearted guy who don't touch girls..kinda type. When he does that, its weird and I'm shocked + emotional.  Fuck emo la. I love to run away from problems, hobby. So i ran away from him. I said   I'm busy, not returning his calls and all. And there is one day where I had the worse day of my life and I was crying so hard and I just felt completely alone. Right on that moment he called. So I decided to pick up the phone because I was desperately in need of someone who knows me the best. Then, he said what is wrong with me and stuff. He also did told me about his girl ( FFFUUU ) haha. I was like, yes, memang saya nak dgr nonsense ni sekarg, tq. Zzz, wrong ! I fucking don't wanna know lah. Then we did argue a lil bit, he was like "what the hell is your problem "  OH and fyi, i was crying -.- Then, i was like " the problem is i don't like you anymore and im jeaaalous. Are you satisfied now? It's not fair when you don't give to do this and that where you did all of 'em. I know you care about me, but I'm not a little girl anymore " Bla bla bla, then i don't remember wutt happnd. Then again, as day passed by, there's this one day he was calling me. And we're making jokes like we always do, haha here haha there, then he said that he wants to make ma boii jealous so he sent a <3 to me on my facebook wall. I revenge to him by saying "hi sayang ! <3 " in his conversation with his gf. Smart 'uh. Ahah, Then fer mins/hours afta that he called me saying that they broke up. I felt terribly guilty because it is all my fault ! His girlfriend were fully jealous. I'm like " Ahhhh man. What a mess, so my falut" But honestly, im 40 % glad on that moment cos no more her muahaha. But then the next day he said to me  " Aku dah kasi phone gf aku balik " And I was like good lah, why wud ya keep it anw? I was kinda trash talk her. But unfortunately then, he said to me " I said, aku dah COUPLE balik, not kasi phone balik " I was like OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHKAAAAYYYY (!) I feel glad also, and happy for him. At least i don't have to pujuk him kan? Hihi, and at least i don't feel that guilty anymore. But some how, I just hate to talk with him right now. Because then, there goes another drama. Zzz, hate it, makes me mad ! So I'm deciding to just call ma boi tonight, at least he wud calm me down a lil bit. Oh well. Adios !

Monday, January 17, 2011


Like whoa ! My blogger is so deadly dead! Haa-haa. Always has been, cool me. HAHA, wtv. Anyways, do you know this is like my 2nd - 3rd blogger? Pfft, suck ah. There's this one guy who once said to me " Sucks to be you huh, Lisa?  " He's so mean to me kan ? :( HAHA, who cares. But people, I will try my best to keep my blog alive. Just like me, yes I'm alive like whoa. Hihi. And so it is 12.30 midnight, I am supposed to sleep because tomorrow is the school day. I just don't know why, but i'm not into anything for this year-2011. Everyone's like so........... NEW YEAR! YEAH! MY YEAR! YEAH! STUDY LIKE YEAH PARTY LIKE YEAH! While I'm like...... SLEEP LIKE YEAH ! (Y) But the problem is its hard to sleep, very hard :( Wanted to buy a sleeping pill but, i don't know man, some say it's not good for the kidney. Zzzz. Hmmmmm, so studies isn't that well right now, and that's my main concern. I am very worried. Huh! Need to get that weirdo spirit which I got last year again. Okay, tht's it, no more play-play, ( well a lil' bit can la) we just stu-di-dy like P-di-dy. Tomorrow mornin' got'ah study Geo, Physics & Biology, complete all chapter 1, I will survive! Cos that's how people with future role, jyaaa. I rule! Haaaaa-haaaaa, not funny ay, k. Blogging does make me feel be'ah. No wonder people do it ! Especially girls, because we're some kind of emotion-retard. Oh well, until then, trying my best to sleep. Traa loves~