Monday, September 26, 2011


So hello everyone! What a good day it is =) haih, i feel so good right. I wish this feeling last forever. I WISH. ( yeah! in you dream Lisa ! ) So anyways! Had a great time today! Well at first I was a bit moody because of some things, but then someone just made my day i guess. :)

Hmm so anyways. My life without a maid
Surprisingly, it's not that bad at all. I feel so much better. I don't rly mind doing these house works. Well i do, but not that much. It's feels good. Mummy cooks again, best part of not having a maid <3 and she's doing almost everything. Haha it's been forever since i last saw her doing all of these stuffs. She seem more happy anyway. So its cool not having a maid.

So i have decided to put all the things that has been bothering me aside, like fo real ! And am looking forward to have fun after end of year exam and concentrate to my SPM all the way. *fingerscross!*

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Friday, September 23, 2011

How ya goin

So there is so much going on, internally. I have been so so so so busy lately. Like I don't have the time to play around, hang out, being on the phone 2-3 hours again. I am just having the time with me, myself & I. There is so much to do. I will blog a bit letter tho. Chow loves x

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The day the devil was born

It is only 12.08 AM. Some homo just reminded me the date of today. Blame the twitter. And by that reason, i hate today. But I am not going to let it ruin my day. But to think it back again, I have to wake up early in the morning. So that sux. Time, this is the time when I need you to fly faster. As fast as you can. Just please! Love, Lisa.
I feel so dehydrated ! And I feel so lazy to ze maximum ! What the hack has got into me! I need Livita so bad right now, like dude, SERIOUSLY. Someone please kindly buy one for mehh ~ So anyways, my house will be done in maybe the next 3 months. I am honestly, so excited to decorate my room and all but then I am quite sad to leave this temporary house. I have such an amazing neighbors here :( Gonna miss them all. Haih. But in the bright side, my house will be a totally new one. I'm lovin it *parapapapa! 
I am full with plans right now but then I haven't jot down anything yet. Just like a go thru mind plans! Can't seem to do anything with my messy room. Uhh! Freakingly fed up with my messy room. Screw it! 

Sooooo, just got thru facebook. Most popular social network or should i say, used to! Then ho-ho I saw this boy whom I have less interest in. If you know what I mean. And for fucks sake, it pisses me off to see him. I just have a very strong like a dislike feeling towards him now. He is just ridiculous, terrible 'boy', mind-freak, and he is indeed getting stupid-er and he just disgust me a lot and i just don't like him. I rly hate it when a boy acts like a girl. Just too pathetic. I rly wish you'll get hit by a bus or something. Haha.

What's my type of guy? 

This is Clayton. This man has inspired me a lot. He had suffered back when he was only 6 years old. He got bitten up my his folks so bad. So bad, And god, he is very strong. I literally cried when i heard about his past but he didn't. He accepted it, that's that. He didn't do anything stupid like drugs and such. He has such a wonderful heart. And I wish to meet someone like him, someday. 

Monday, September 5, 2011

' A New Day Has Come'

I see the light. But will the light come to me or should i reach it myself? My teacher once told me to 'think positive'. And wohoo, trust me its the easiest thing for me to do. That WAS how i role. Was. She also mentioned that it's easier to START to think positive, rather than falling down...and start to think positive AGAIN. Get what i'm saying? Uhh, the hack am i crapping. Whatever it is, my point is i think i am standing up again and it's not easy. No, it is not. I am finally and seriously want to start it all over again. I hope I can do it. Sure i can, right?

Soo, any hot goss? OH, right. This 'love-sickness' thingy. Love. What is love? I really don't know what LOVE is. But it is surely has always been among the hottest topic of all time. Hmm. To me. Love is just two people having to meet each other and just get along. Get attracted by the physical, touched by the heart and fucked by the mental. Hmm, i some how want to find something like my parents. They are just meant to be. For how worst thngs are, they will always come back to each other. Because that's where they belong to. A place to be. Yeah, i guess that is love. Just a place we belong to.

Not saying that i don't trust man or anything. But, it'd be a pain in the ass if i do trust 'em. It's better to play it safe. But at the same time it's extraordinary to play it by risk. But then, it's too risky. I rly wud sacrifice for my love one, but...i just don't know if I could. Now is just not the time. In the future, just a maybe?

Well, i think that's all for now. Stay cool people. xx