Friday, August 10, 2012

A dead blog, indeed, again.

Hello again mates ! Been quite long since i last blogged :O So, what is going on ay ? Life is...different. Different in so many ways, angles, perspectives, etc.. I have learnt a lot. And I have worked so hard to give up. So I will never decide to give up. With life. Sometimes, I feel like my life is on 'pause'. Something is missing. I believe I will find that 'missing part' soon. It's like, I am living in a total different life than what I am supposed to live in. I have never expected this. What I imagined when I was 12 years old, were all wrong. But I am so grateful with everything I have now. I'm sorry, but it is not enough yet. Still have to find that missing piece. You beautiful people have a great life, 8 days till Raya, be strong, and put your heads up ! :) xx