Monday, February 28, 2011

Cool guys don't look at explosion

Not this time.

I wonder why I've been so tensed all this while. It's weirdd.. Oh well, who cares. Because, I cudn't be bettah now :)

   Anyways, I've a friend whom i met last year. He's a shy shy cat. Named FARIS ISKANDAR..poyo! :p haha joke. He asked me to blog about him. Hmm, out of idea alrdy..BAHAAHHA. He's a good guy, so far. But verrry shy ehhh. Sometimes, he can be crack, and it's awesome. He supports liverfool the bloodyfool which is not cool. I thought he was quite arrogant when i first met him, but naaaaaa'ahhh, right faris ;)  I know you're proud that I'm blogging about you, Faris ! Gahahahaha, you'd bettah buy me a nice shirt for this. I want a shirt! El o el ! OH YEAH, he's nickname is bobon ! Funny right? IKR !

Till then, xx.

Opps! I'm sorry, there has been a mistake here. He doesn't support liverpool but arsengal. Hah! Even worse.. :p HAHAH joke

Friday, February 25, 2011

Trust no one.

"Trust no one". I never trusted those words until it happened to me. Disappearance. One by one.. Life.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tell or not tell. Not tell..?

Have any of you peeps has experience this? I think, almost all of the female has experienced this? Kay, here it goes. First you met this one guy. Whoever. Day by day you guys becoming more closer as a friend. Then, you heard rumors that he likes you. But you didn't like him yet, you just feel comfortable of being his friend. Then, he confessed. But you told him that you want to be frnds only. AND THEN! You guys..kinda lost contact. And bang ! That was the moment where I realize that I like him back. But then, it's too late for everything because it has been a year ++ since we last had a real conversation and I'm guessing he'd move on. Haha this is kinda funny tho. First he like me. But I don't. Then I like him, but he'd move on. Haha, wutt a life. Soo, technically, I'm not sure if I should let him know my feelings..which is....not really a good idea OR let it be and move on also..which is quite tough to do for someone you have feelings for.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mistakes by mistakes.

Why do I keep on doing it ? Gosh. This sux. Haven't made it for a while. But as time passes by, I did it. I did that mistake again. And boom ! Boy, did it really dirt a 'lil bit of my name. Even though, what I did it's not a big is to me. Because I keep on doing it ! I just feel, deep down inside, I'm just like them. Ahhh, you'll never know what I'm talking about right now. I'm the girl who keep things real. I don't have time for games. It'll ruin everything. I'm always the one who says " Ho please, I go for long distance relationship" . But in the end, it's a false. And weirdly nowadays, people who plays ah lot, rly got into long distance. Ironic ! I never wanted to hurt you, but I don't want to lie. How could i possibly love you just like that? I did a mistake by letting you in. In a month, I can't take it. I can't lie anymore. So I decided to leave. I'm confused of myself. I don't even know what I want. Well, actually, now i kinda do. This whole thing hits me hard and I am learning something here. Do you realize that my blog is always about something negative ? HAHA. That's because, this is the only time when I need to express something. Want to hear something positive? I rarely tell about my happiness. Haha. too bad. This is not the kind of ... " you'll never know what you got till its gone " . Definitely no. I know what did i got, until it's gone. And I accept that. I just hope I won't do these mistakes again and again. So tired of it. I have dignity for heaven's sake! P/s : this is not about sex or something like that, dude, come on. But one thing I do believe in, what goes around, always comes around. When I hit someone, that someone will hit me back. But don't get me wrong, I won't die just because of that. I'll live as further as I can. No one will stop me. It's me. I can whatever I want to. Let's just hope for the best of life. Till then, xx.